Sunday, March 20, 2011

do you have a dollar?


Having a catchup with girlfriends at a gorgeous, hole in the wall cafe/restaurant in inner melbourne for lunch today. You know those times when there's SOOO much goss from the weekend to discuss?? But not only that, everything that happened will be pain-stakingly dissected like only females can do?? Well, it's safe to say I've been staring at the clock since 8:30am in anticipation for some serious and exciting chit chat..


  1. ahah cute! nothing better than a little dnm over delicious food with the besties. i need a grey marle wrap skirt and denim jacket in my life asap.

    i know, right? DWTS. it will be super strange to see lara on the show.
    and as for dion lee - i saw some shots and i was a little disappointed in his collection aswell. but i just put it down to the fact that australian designers do summer collections waaay better than winter.

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