Monday, September 26, 2011

Marni SS 2012


"Who's your favourite designer?" 
It's not a question that has ever sat well with me..

I love collections.. But I too easily become bored, disappointed or just uninspired when focusing on one designer (not to mention I'm a major commitment-phobe, and can't tie myself down to ANYTHING!).

One lady that continues to fuel my love for ye old garment however, is the woman herself, Miss CC.  Nope, not Coco Chanel, but Consuelo Castiglioni of Marni.

I once read a quote about the fashion untrained Castiglioni: "You could wear a Marni piece without any of the fabric touching your body."  And that's exactly what I love.  The figure hiding designs that still manage to be so chic and yes, in some ways sexy is but just one reason why Marni is my favourite label.

SO enjoy her SS 2012 collection! 
Dont you love the 'dressing up in mums clothes' feel that Marni always exudes?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

on a train


Yesterday, on my way to uni I noticed a really well dressed guy.  One of those people that know what to wear AND how to wear it, but don't seem to have anything to prove in the way they dress.  Because I didn't have a camera (OR the guts to approach said well dressed person) I 'drew' him.

I'm not a drawer, but you get the picture. His jeans were perfect.. really dark denim.  His shoes were about the best dress shoes I've seen.. slightly patent black leather with a redish/dark mahogony tinge to them. He wore a red and white cotton gingham shirt, done up to the neck, with a textured, navy, skinny tie. Then over the top of that, a wool knit cardigan (much darker than I've shown in my drawing), and to add yet another fabric, a black lustrous puffer jacket.

His overall look was a lot more understated than I've shown. One of those cool, yet not pretentious looks.

Speaking of understated styling.. Watch Yuksek, on a train.  Love the look of both the guy and girl (Especially that silver metal briefcase!)

Monday, September 12, 2011

msfw 2011 - senso uniquo


images courtesy of oh jamie

Went to see the senso uniquo msfw show on Friday night and was well impressed!

As usual Kate Peck stole the show - The girl is stunning. She sold everything she wore.
These were a few of the pieces that made me jump out of my seat..

Really looking forward to getting OUT of dark, skin covering clothes and into some free flowing silks and cool linen (Pink hair included)!

The hair colouring is a new 'one-night-only' colour product by Kevin Murphy called colour bug.  It's available in pink, orange and purple.