Wednesday, March 16, 2011

girl with the rad eyebrows

angelica blick

Love this girl. Love her hair. And absolutely wearing mine like this tomorrow at uni... Wishfully, with this outfit B-LOW.



  1. oh wow, she cut her long, luscious hair.
    she really is gorgeous as.
    i've been craving a new hair do for the longest time, so i might have to give this a go.
    did it work out for you? x.

  2. ahh, jealous! i wanted to go to runway 5 so badly, but i was already attending 'fashion full stop' and runway 2 already, that i felt super guilty if i went to that too. then i found out dion lee would be showing. oh maaa lord.
    take a tonne of happy snaps and get a professional photo done at the l'oreal photobooth. i didn't and i wish i had.

    okay, totally giving this hair do a go!
    cute that you went out to buy a supply of bobby pins. x.