Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the haireth be-eth short.


I cut my hair! My hair is short!

I had hair past my waist for basically all my life, and now it's Bosworth/Palermo/Kershaw/Lezark SHORT!

I love it. Can't believe I didn't do this sooner :D
It's really the most exciting thing stepping outside of your comfort zone and going for a massive change. The thing that's always stopped me is that I always thought my hair was ME. That if I didn't have ridiculously long, wavy hair somehow I wouldn't be my true self?! Hmmm. I'm WELL over that now. It's amazing how 'sexy' a shorter, cropped style can make you feel. I definitely made the right decision at the hairdressers.

Oh and the best thing about the new cut (and colour) is that I get to totally re create my wardrobe to suit my new do. I have become a NEW me.

This is a daring outfit for running errands.. But I love it. Especially the Rag and Bone cardi, which I recently bought one JUST like in black with black fringing around the cuffs and hem from an opshop for less than a fiver. lucky!


  1. oh you did it! aw, i'm so glad that you love it and feel amazing.
    my hair is actually probably kate bosworth's length and a similar colour already, i just wish that it was as full and effortlessly flawless like hers is all of the time.
    i still dream of 'ridiculously long wavy hair' though. x.

  2. I did! SO happy I finally had the guts! Gosh we allllways want what we don't have... I'm still averting my eyes when I see girls with beautiful long hair because it makes me jealous and slightly sad!


  3. LOVING those striped pants!
    I want 'em now!.. cool outfit.. I really like everything about it.. and I like your blog's title.."if money wasn't an issue, this is what I'd wear" haha.. I'm on that bus too..
    stay cool!

  4. In the ├žast september I did exactly the same, I also had an enormous long and wavy hair, I loved it and everyobody was shocked when I cut really short my long long hair. I felt another person. now I'm letting it grows but I don't know, maybe cut it again and ever shorter.

    ps: love the whole outfit