Thursday, February 24, 2011

the real hairdresses of...


Okay, so when I said in a previous post I was hopefully getting my hair done... I didn't. I missed out on an appointment only to get one today!! I'm nervous. I want Kate Bosworth, lucious blonde cropped locks.. but knowing my hair, it'll just turn into a thick frizz ball.

I've never been a converse/chucks wearing sort of girl, but it really makes me jealous seeing the ones who can really pull it off.  I think it's something about the height to width ratio of my legs that just aren't visually appealing in chucks! HA. Thought I'd imagine myself in these Burberry ones though.

Oh and of course, I added my i phone and speakers to endure the 3 point something hours I will be sitting in a chair getting a numb butt. David Bowie will get me through.


  1. Whatever decision you make, I hope your hair will turn out lovely! I don't do anything with my hair besides cut it and let it grow and cut it again (it's super straight and boring).

    I love Converse! If you ever decide to try on a pair and it looks good, you should definitely buy them! They're really classic-casual/laid back.

  2. love this whole look! that sweater looks amazing! and the perfect skinnies!

  3. Love this look especially the jumper and shoes. I really like your blog. Come visit mine some time x

  4. I agree about the converses, models always look so great in them but not don't suit me!

  5. love the sweater!


  6. oooh beautiful bag! i like this looks, it's easy and relaxed. x

  7. that cut out sweater is freakin' sweet



  8. i dream of kate bosworth-like hair every time i think of going to the hairdresser.
    i love this relaxed weekend outfit - especially the pop of maroon. x.