Monday, December 12, 2011

can I dress your man???


I'm single and I can say with conviction that I am content with that fact.... 

You think I'm lying don't you??

honestly enjoy the freedom and everything else that comes with the singleton life, EXCEPT for one thing......

Not being able to dress and buy for ma man! I don't envy my best girlfriends for having someone to send them lovey goodnight texts, or being able to curl up with their guy and eat takeout on the couch on a Saturday night.... in fact, it kinda absolutely makes me cringe.

What I'm so freakin' envious of, is that they have the opportunity to style their boo (Does the guy ever get a choice??!).


While reading, I came across the post: clothes that make a man instantly fuckable, changed the concept to kissable (because I am a 'lady'), and began to make my own (long) list.
This prompted me to search for guys clothes online, which brings me to the point of this post....

THANK YOU mr-porter.
SO now, along with my 'this is what i'd wear' posts; where i put together a bunch of clothes from net-a-porter that I will never be able to afford... I will be doing 'this is what he'd wear' and show you what my guy will be wearing when I get over my somewhat neurotic 'I'd-hate-to-be-in-a-relationship,-relying-on-someone-else,-and-not-able-to-be-independent-and-free' phase of life. 


  1. i just had to laugh when reading this, basically because i think about dressing my imaginary boyfriend all of the time. gosh, that sounds depressing. but mentally fun, right?! ahaha.
    that shirt is definately a frequent addition! x.

  2. i love these pieces! really funny what you wrote haha. i'm not a single girl and it (indeed) feels good to style my bf. i'm very curious with your future this is what he'd wear posts! xx

  3. you have such an adorable blog! im following!


    JOIN IN <3

  4. you're hilar girl! totally with ya on this one ;) i just style my burv instead.
    ps. not sure if my pants are available in our zara store, i got them from the states a few months ago. X