Monday, September 12, 2011

msfw 2011 - senso uniquo


images courtesy of oh jamie

Went to see the senso uniquo msfw show on Friday night and was well impressed!

As usual Kate Peck stole the show - The girl is stunning. She sold everything she wore.
These were a few of the pieces that made me jump out of my seat..

Really looking forward to getting OUT of dark, skin covering clothes and into some free flowing silks and cool linen (Pink hair included)!

The hair colouring is a new 'one-night-only' colour product by Kevin Murphy called colour bug.  It's available in pink, orange and purple.


  1. LOVE the shoes in the last photo. Thanks for the lovely comment! Enjoying your blog also xx

  2. kate peck is so, so gorgeous.
    and um, wow. she looks so incredible with pink hair for the show.
    i thought she totally owned the runway at last year's fashion week aswell!
    definate standout. x.