Friday, July 1, 2011



I went to an open mic night in Brunswick last Wednesday and was going to wear this...

At the last minute though, I changed.  While I only ever buy second hand fur; I'm still uneasy about wearing it outside the walls of my home..

I've got this fear of passers by yelling abuse at me, sticking chewing gum on it, even throwing the infamous red paint!

Do you wear real fur?? Have you ever had any issues with wearing it and copping abuse/friendly criticism?


  1. you're so cute! ahah. i've never worn real fur, so i don't really have any personal stories. but it looks great on you, so i think you should definately wear it out! x.

  2. fur is fine! from possums, rats and pests ;)) x

  3. Please wear that next timeee! It's amazing, so babin'.

    I have one real similar and it used to be my grandmothers. It's real but I have no idea what animal it was - nor do I want to! I feel a little weird/creepy wearing it, but I guess people just assume it's faux. No ones ever come up to me and abused me or whatever. If they did, I'd probs just cry and run away...


  4. And thank you for the link! I will constantly stalk this now, x

  5. Thanks for your feedback!!!! I'm going to do it... when Melbourne stops raining, I'm going to wear my fur out in the open.. proudly :P

  6. Good! Glad you've decided to wear it, it looks great. I have to say I can't wear real fur because the feel of it freaks me out, haha, but I admire you for only buying vintage x