Saturday, February 5, 2011

sitting idly at the crossroad


unknown source

See this girls hair on the left?  It's the perfect cut. Cropped bluntly, in a sort of long bob, with a little bit of colour in the ends. I love it. And I desperately want it. The problem IS, that I currently have the girls hair sitting on the right. Freakishly long and wavy.

So what does one do?? Take a gamble and try and attain perfection in another form? OR be happy with what one has and capitalise on this long hair obsession?

tricky tricky. I'm so undecided.


  1. hey lady , i say chop the locks. You don't know until you try plus hair grows ! x

  2. Love your optimism! Wish I had the guts.. I'll keep thinking about it :)

  3. i'll trade hair with you! ahah.
    mine is basically like the girl on the left - but blonde.
    i'd kill for freakishly long and wavy. x.