Monday, January 24, 2011

this is what they call summer


I feel like I never get to wear my winter boots enough by the time Summer comes around, so this morning when I woke to rain I decided I'm putting them on. Last year I discovered payless has some kickass shoes (Is this super slow of me!??) and bought a killer pair of black lace up heeled boots which are a knock-off of some Guess boots which are a knock-off of Givenchy boots (Probably).  Now, on my list this year are these Sahara Sand boots for a measly $59.95. It's so attainable it excites me!!

If you're ever in Melbourne, you h-a-v-e  t-o make the trip to Brunswick, and eat at Vegie Bar. I mean really, you can just tell by the website how cool this place is.  And their faux chicken wraps are enough to make me consider turning vegetarian... for the 8th time. This is where I'm venturing today.. In wishfully, the outfit above.

Melbournites - I hope you enjoy this winter weather as much as I do. Layering and boots (Possibly my two favourite things!)

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